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Shopping with Vai

JW Johnny Weir
V Vai Sikahema
P-f female presenter
P-m male presenter

At the studio

V: I go shopping with Johnny. Im Vai Sikahema in Torino, we call it Ready to Weir. Well have that story just around the corner.

P-f: Cute by cute, NBC 10s Vai Sikahema joins us live now from Torino once again this morning.

P-m: Good morning, Vai! A lot of people here singing: Go, Johnny, go! this morning.

V: I tell you, there will be a lot more people who will be singing that after you see this, you knowWhen it comes to cool Johnny Weir knows the ice, when it comes to hot he knows all the shops and boutiques here in Torino. So when I got to join him for a little shopping spree I found out that Johnny is every bit as sharp as a brand new pair of skates


JW: I like the really high designers that make crazy things. Cause you never know when youre gonna need just to look a little bit different.

Its a little bit tootoo businessman for me.

V: Right here? Ok.

JW: Thats crazy!

V: That is awesome. Thatd actually look great with this jacket, I think.
JW: Yeah

Some Italian street style.

Its cool, its cool. So its good.

See my card is all scratched up from being used so much.

We got a discount.

V: Where did you get your flare for fashion?

JW: I dont know We didnt have a whole lot of money when I was growing up, so I was always looking to the way people dressed. I would try to emulate that through whatever way I could and do my own sort of flare.

Oh, I like those shoes. I could rock something like that.

(Vai opens the door to Johnny)
V: Go ahead!
JW: Thank you!

JW: Cheers to shopping!
V: Cheers to shopping!

JW: I have trouble with finding sizes cause Im so little.

This is cool stuff. Theres more stuff back here I think.

(to the saleswoman)
Excuse me, do you have a small one of this?

V: What is that? 52 euro for the shirt???

JW: Mhmm!

V: Wow!

JW: Is that a lot?

V: Oh, Goodness!

JW: I like stuff that like, has little things that mean something to me on them.

V: It does fit you well.

JW: Does it?

V: Yeah

JW: OK. Oh, it does fit well. I thought it would be really boxy. So Im gonna get this.

Thank you for carrying those.

V: Absolutely! Im your personal carrier today.

You look like youre from Europe.

JW: Yeah?

V: I mean, if I saw you walking down the street, Id never think that guy was born in Coatesville and grew up in Porterville.

JW: So you have to try stuff out too.

We are making an outfit for Vai now.

Think that will work or not?

And then we can find a little sweater to go over it.

Yeah. (fitting the sweater on Vai)

V: How much is this? This outfit is about six-seven hundred dollars.
Im not that fashionable.

JW: No price on looking beautiful.

V: Oh, my Gosh, cant believe its over! Youre done?

JW: Im done! Im maxed out for today.

Back to the studio

V: You gotta take a look at me here Don and Terry. I mean Im a jeans-and a sweat-shirt-tennis shoes kinda guy. You talk about a fish out of water shopping with Johnny Weir but I gotta tell you I absolutely enjoyed it! I loathe going shopping with my wife but I think I may change my mind. I couldnt believe how much fun I had.

P-f: She may not be happy that you spent all that time with him if you dont like to go shopping with her. How many hours did it take you to accumulate all those bags by?

V: We spent about three hours together shopping in the hottest, ritziest shopping district here. And Im telling you, the guy knows exactly where to go. He knows the shops and in a couple of shops some of those people even knew him! Hes been here for what, a week and the guys been out already and knows where all the places are.

P-f: I like his sense of style!

P-m: Vai, I gotta tell you, Johnny has one look and you kinda look like a longshoreman with a shopping bag.

V: Ha-ha-ha You know what he would have said about that outfit he bought for me though Terry? Three snaps, baby, three snaps.
All right, hey, listen, just a reminder. Im logging all of my adventures here in Torino on our website, just go to nbc10.com, you can see more of the outtakes there, theres a slideshow and also my blog and my adventures with Johnny going shopping. We had so much fun and Im looking so forward to seeing him skate tonight and Im telling you I think the kids gonna come out and shock the world tonight. I am his biggest fan. I dont care if its in the media center, Im gonna cheer for him